The STILL cubeXX

Six in one

What does an industrial truck need to do to be fit for the future in intralogistics? The cubeXX is an answer to the challenges in logistics and bundles a great range of concepts to optimise tomorrow's work.

  • Offers the solution for many future challenges in intralogistics
  • Allows a high degree of process optimisation with great reactivity and adaptability
  • Its compact dimensions allow to further optimise warehouse space

A systematic solution

In an ever more flexible world of intralogistics, the cubeXX represents a solution for many future requirements. According to the motto “one for all” it combines six proven truck designs to offer maximum flexibility:

  • Horizontal order-picking trucks
  • High-lift pallet trucks
  • Tugger train
  • Truck for double-stack use
  • Low-lift pallet trucks
  • Counterbalance forklift
cubeXX: six in one

cubeXX and the Hub of the Future

The hub of the future - a comprehensive turnover centre - has been designed to adapt easily to changing demands. One should be able to make adjustments to handling, transport and storage technologies in the hub within only a few days and a new hub at a new location is to be completely functional within only a couple of weeks. The "Hub2Move" project is a joint effort of STILL GmbH and the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistic IML working together with four other industry partners on this Hub of the Future.

In the future, logistical operations will need to react ever more quickly and be able to adapt to constantly changing demands. In order to do so, our logistics networks and distribution centres as well as their technical systems will need to be accordingly flexible so that they may be adjusted to handle new demands and challenges, or even be moved to new locations, within short periods of time.

cubeXX is just such a flexible system.

Highlights cubeXX

The cubeXX is not only extremely small, it is also very agile. Depending on the load, it can turn the wheels on the spot by 360°. Wide aisles and increasingly expensive warehouse space become superfluous and space can be optimally used for storage.

In ‘automatic’ or ‘stand-by’ mode it cannot only retract the cabin, but also fold away the forks flush with the mast. Optimised to occupy as little space as possible the Li-Ion batteries can be charged inside the racks. This greatly reduces the space requirements of the truck.

STILL & SAP make the cubeXX an intelligent communicator

The HANA Cloud Platform from SAP processes huge amounts of data in real time and makes order data available online. By doing this, it helps the cubeXX to become independent and provides a transparent fleet overview to logistics managers.

The STILL cubeXX does not only decide with which function to approach its destination, but it can also react on suddenly emerging obstacles. In addition, it is going to be able to contact other machines and trucks autonomously and to co-operate with them soon. This is made possible by the integration of the concept truck into the HANA Cloud Platform developed by SAP, an innovative IT application that can process and display huge amounts of data in real time.

Logistics managers also profit from this: they can monitor sensor and process data of whole fleets and derive corrective measures from any location now – of course in real time. ​

Experience the cubeXX live in action


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