Blue-Q = IQ

The intelligent autopilot for economy and ecology.

We drive innovative and efficient ideas steadily forward. One of them is Blue-Q: the smart autopilot for economy and ecology. Pressing a button activates the efficiency mode on the truck and saves energy where it is dispensable for the work process. The drive's smart characteristic optimisation enables energy reduction without compromising the work process.

  • The energy consumption is reduced by up to 20 %
  • For a 1.6 ton electric truck in three-shift operation over five years, that amounts to savings of about 2,500 Euro
  • CO2 emissions are drastically reduced
  • The Blue-Q intelligently switches electric components off when not in use

How does Blue-Q work?

Pressing a (blue) button on the truck activates the Blue-Q efficiency mode. An intelligent adjustment of the motor characteristics saves energy just there where it is not needed for the work in process.

What is the benefit of Blue-Q?

Depending on the characteristics of the application and the equipment of the truck 10 to 20% energy can be saved. For an electric truck with a load capacity of 1.6t in three shift operation this means a saving of about € 2,500,- over a 5 year period. Not included in this are further cost reductions caused by less wear, a longer service life of the battery and longer operation times per battery charge. This also reduces the CO2 emission generated during production of the electric energy because, if less energy is needed, less needs be produced. However, Blue-Q does not only affected the driving characteristics but also switches electric consumers intelligently on or off. Depending on the equipment and the application these electric consumers alone can consume up to 35% of the energy used by the (electric) truck.

Wie funktioniert Blue-Q
Was ist der Nutzen von Blue-Q?

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